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Brow Lamination straightens unruly brows creating a lifted and fluffier looking brow.

If I have very thin and sparse brows, would this be a good service for me?

Every little bit helps when brows are thin and sparse. I can only work with the hair that’s there, but straightening and lifting those hairs, as well as adding a brow tint or henna, will help immensely! You will likely still have to fill in your brows in sparse areas, and/or use a brow gel to help keep lift in place, but the lamination will amp up the brow hair more than without it.

I have very full brows naturally; would brow lamination benefit me?

Absolutely. Lifting and straighten brows hairs creates a youthful look. The more brow hair there is to work with, the more lifted and fluffier the brow becomes. A brow lamination will make your morning routine quicker! A quick comb of the brows to fluff and maybe a little clear brow gel and you are out of the door!

Is this a service only for young people?

On the contrary, brow lamination is perfect for mature brows! As we age, our brow hairs tend to grow more sideways. Our foreheads also start “collapsing” which causes our brows to rest to
the side. Brow lamination is a lift for the brows; therefore, creating the illusion of a lifted forehead as well as the brow hair. More mature brows will likely still need a brow gel/balm after a lamination, but they will then remain in place and be more manageable!

How long does the brow lamination last?

With proper aftercare, the lamination can last anywhere from 6-8 weeks.

Can I get a brow tint or henna with a brow lamination?

A brow lamination plus a brow tint can be done at the same time, and the results are amazing!
Brow henna also gives a fantastic result with a lamination, but you will need to wait at least 48
hours after a lamination to get a brow henna.

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