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Born and raised a small-town Colorado girl, I have definitely taken the long way around to where I am now. While working in the retail industry all through college, I discovered my natural ability and love for sales and customer service. After graduating with a BA in Behavioral Science, I worked in the social work field, and then taught middle school. When my two kiddos were little, I took a WILD turn in a different direction and became licensed in Cosmetology. At each turn of the road I chose, I have come to realize my true gift and passion is connecting with people and developing relationships.

ABOUT: About Us

I take pride in creating a warm, welcoming environment for my clients, while magnifying their beauty from the inside out. Shining a light on someone's inner beauty by offering services that help them feel more confident and better about themselves on the outside, is a something I hold close to my heart. To me, beauty is emotional–if I am able to give you an hour in a sacred space, to pause the chaos of life, to pause negative self-talk, even for a minute...I desire to give that pause. Some may regard outside beauty as vain and expensive. I say, it is delighting in our self-worth, feeling a little bit better in this sometimes "not so feeling good" world.

I honestly wish I could take a continuing education class every week, because there are so many things to learn in the beauty industry. I have to really rein myself in, because it's easy to want to do it all! I am always listening, reading, and pursuing all of the possibilities in this field! This industry keeps my heart racing and I'm so glad you're apart of it.

-Love, Erin

ABOUT: Mission & Values

I believe in eating the cake. Buying the jeans. Getting the lashes. Painting your nails. And going for your dreams. Let Mimi & Belle be that space for you to recognize your inner beauty!

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Certification &  education

Above and Beyond

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• Sugarlash Pro Lash Lift + Tint

Brow Certification

• Everlasting Brows Pre-draw + Brow Mapping

• Elleebana Brow Henna Certified

  • LashSavvy Brow Lamination Certified​​​


• Advanced Waxing Techniques from Colorado Advanced Esthetics

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On my days off, you will likely find me at home listening to an audiobook while folding laundry. What can I say, I'm a mother, too!

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You can find me chatting in the bleachers instead of watching my husband coach or my kids play sports–shhhh, don't tell them!

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What can I say, I'm a homebody who enjoys the peace and quiet...but also  loves the rowdiness and socializing at a great concert!

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